Peter Heck is a photographer based in Germany, though he works between Germany and  sunny LA. Or wherever any interesting project may bring him. When we first met, we experienced how thin the line that separates Peter’s life from Peter’s work is, so thin that it almost doesn’t exist.

Every person he talks to, every place and every song serves as an inspiration for him. You can see it in his projects for Blauer, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Hugo Boss, Komet und Helden or the bookproject he is currently working on.

We spent a few hours on a photoshoot with Peter Heck and his team on the beaches of Malibu. After sunset, we joined his team to a nice restaurant, to celebrate that Peter now is a Global Nomad.

Peter Heck- In his shoes 

My favorite colors are…. It’s all about shades and nuances. I feel at home where good food and nice people are. I like the smell of the sea. I never travel without my camera. I love the taste of caramel.

An app that I use as photographer: Helios. The best about my new bookproject is meeting my heros and other very interesting people. Beauty means to me inner values and the strength of the fire burning in an individual. Love is my motor. A book made by me.

A song can be the key to the heart. A place: I’m still looking for my place. A dream: to find my place. The challenge of living between LA and Germany: It’s not a challenge, it’s a privilege! Taking pictures from people and places makes me to their accomplice.

Something in the fashion industry you would like to change: Improve working conditions! Take care of the environment! Take care of quality and sustainability again! 

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