Sir Ken Robinson and Mike Matas should get to know each other. They would probably get along very quickly. Robinson, known for its commitment to an education that help us enhance “the Element”, would see in Mike Matas (Seattle, USA, 1986) the perfect example of a young person who has been able to build a life on education, creativity and passion.

Mike loves design. And everything that surrounds his life: his girlfriend Sharon Hwang, his young brother and artist Jonathan Matas, all his friends. At age 15, Mike started feeling that he was more interested in design than school, so he applied to the Omni Group, a company several blocks from home.

After a bad experience in technical support and an amazing experience in the design team, in March 2004 Mike co-founded his first start-up, “Delicious Monster”. He was 18 years old. And it worked incredibly well.

Years of hard work and beautiful projects have shown that Mike loves what he does, and he does it very well: Apple hired him to work for the design interface of Mac OS X and the iPhone O5, among others. In 2009 he decided to leave the company for the launch of Push Pop Press, the start-up that designed the app for Al Gore’s “An inconvenient truth”. Matas was presenting this digital revolution among the textbooks at TED, (wearing a pair of Preventi shoes! )

Mike currently works for Facebook.  He’s also involved in the design of Nest, the smartest thermostat ever.

Mike Matas in a bunch of inspiring quotes 

“I’m educated every day by the places and things I surround myself with, and the people I collaborated with”I enjoy looking at things and trying to figure out how they can be improved”.

“My favorite designs are the ones that don’t just solve a problem, but also engage you on an emotional level”.”If you’re not working on something that you yourself really care about, it’s hard to stay motivated and passionate about doing your start up and getting it out there”.

I like giving people better tools to explore and share ideas”. “When there’s that balance between functionality and emotion, the two amplify each other and the result is really powerful”. 

This fall, Mike Matas and his girlfriend drove across the United States. They started in San Francisco and arrived in New York two weeks later.

More about Mike Matas and his collaboration with Preventi shoes on his website, on Twitter and Facebook.

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