Álvaro was kidding, but his tuit on @agalorda may help you figuring out the life of this man during the last months: “I’m seriously thinking about giving a workshop on Luggage Minimalism. I took 22 flights in the last two months and I made it all through with the only help of muy hand luggage… and some hotel laundry… “

Álvaro González-Alorda is the co-founder of emergap, a consulting firm specialized in innovation for emerging countries. Álvaro lives between Madrid and Miami. He has collaborated with more than 100 companies in 20 countries. You will find him teaching in Spain at ISEM Fashion Business School(University of Navarre) and the IE Business School, and at INALDE Business School and IEEM Business School in Latin America, among others.

He is the author of Los Próximos 30 Años and The Talking Manager.

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Our interview includes some quotes from his books and a bounch of blog posts, ideas that may help you becoming a protagonist of the next 30 years.

In his shoes- Álvaro González-Alorda

Royal Blue (#4169E1) is my favorite color. The next 30 years will be the most fascinating years of History”. I feel at home wherever I’m surrounded by family and friends. More than a location, home is for me an inner place.“Good news!: the emerging markets will grow more than the developed ones over the next decade”. “So much news about the crisis doesn’t help much to overcome it”. I like the smell of the fireplace.

“Governments: turn OFF the news and turn the music ON!”. I never travel without swimming trunks nor my Preventi shoes. “We don’t need more clothes”. “We need to Stop&Think who we are, who we want to be and what habits and tools may help us in the process”. I love the taste of salty water in my lips. “Behind a business transformation there is always a personal transformation. Are you ready to change?”.

iDisconnect swimming in the ocean (thanks Jobs, iPhones aren’t waterproof). “Without personal integrity it’s not possible to inspire others”. The best about teaching are those students who end up becoming friends. “Do you stand for something bigger than yourself? How much do you struggle to achieve it?”. Beauty is to soul what oxygen is to body. “Without discipline… all we do is bla, bla, bla”. Love is what you get when you give.

“If we don’t want to literally #StayFoolish (as Steve Jobs recommended), we need to #StayFocused”. A book: Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh. “The information overload is creating more anxiety than structured knowledge”. A song: In A Little While, by U2. “Don’t seek for followers, just make friends”. A place: Punta del Este (Uruguay). “Less email & more conversations”.

A dream: seeing lots of broken families reunited. “The quality of your leadership depends on the quality of your conversations”. A person that I admire: Jesus Christ. “If you want to change the world, broach your pending conversations”. The best of being based in Madrid is… Barajas Airport. “You don’t need to be extraordinary, just #SuperOrdinary”.

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