The beauty of the earth’s geology, by Sarah Winkler

As lovers of the earth and the beauty transfered by the passage of time on it, we could not avoid stopping to observe the work of Sarah Winkler, a british artist obsessed with geology from an artistic point of view. …


Global Nomads: Thierry Augustin

Thierry Augustin is CEO of Augustin & Co., a boutique agency based in New York specializing in marketing menswear firms. In addition, with his friend and photographer Stephen Obisanya, he is the founder of Genteel Flair, an exclusive online space devoted to cosmopolitan …


Global Nomads: Anka Zhuravleva

Born and educate in Moscow, grew as a woman and also professionally in St. Petersburg, where she fell in love and she has now decided to mature her life in Porto. So is Anka Zhuravleva, a wandering woman of spirit …


A day with photographer Matthieu Venot

A year and a half ago he begun taking photos with his iPhone and posting them on Instagram. Today he has become a cult photographer with more than 70,000 followers. His name is Matthieu Venot, self-taught French photographer with a unique …


Global Nomads: Juan Avellaneda

It makes us especially excited to start the year with Juan Avellaneda new Global Nomad by Preventi. This exceedingly young designer leads his creative and entrepreneurial project Avellaneda  and has brought forward fresh air to the male fashion scene in our …


Global Nomads: David Loftus

Photographer David Loftus is pure movement. Probably once you have arrived he has already left. An authentic Global Nomad, he walks the world with one camera in one hand and his Preventi desert boots named after him in the other. …


Mike Mata’s Italian Road Trip

Global Nomad and Preventi friend Mike Matas became viral last month with his new video “Italian Road Trip”. Shoot during his honeymoon, the short film resumes a two weeks and thousand kilometer trip in just two minutes. Matas crafted beautiful …


About Olia Hercules new book “Mamuschka”

Global Nomad Olia Hercules, named “Rising Star of 2015” according to The Guardian, has launched her first book “Mamuschka”. We could describe it as a compilation of recipes from the Ukraine and beyond, but it’s much more than that. Inside …


Memories from Pitti

This season Preventi has strolled into Pitti 88th in a really special way. On the feet of two of the most influential Italian gentleman: Fabrizio Oriani from Gentlemen Wears Daily, and Giorgio Giangulio, personal shopper and menswear consultant. Both represent …


Global Nomads: Jesús Terrés

The words of Jesús Terrés attract you like a magnet. You could love and hate him at the same time as he dissected, with precision and irony, the relationships between men and women through the early years of his “Nada …