Preventi presents… Maddie Joyce featuring “Surfing rincon”


Maddie Joyce and her video “Surfing rincon” is the latest video artist collaborating with Preventi. Since we discovered her work, we were waiting for the sun to come and share it. Yes, we know you all surfers go to the beach no matter how cold is it, but springtime has come, and we thought our Global Nomads would enjoy this special video made in love by Maddie Joyce.

By the way, we asked her how she came to the idea of “Surfing rincon”, and that’s what she told us. Thank you Maddie for sharing your creative work with us!

“Surfing Rincon is a video I made for some friends surfing one of their favourite waves. The idea came about after I’d created a collection of collages and illustrations which I called the Maps, Lines and Floral Waves series. I experimented with floral fabrics, lots of different textured papers and some fine-line pen. I wanted to try and recreate the patterns and lines that we see in nature everyday like the subtle folds in the sea when the wind catches it, or the rings in the bark of wood.

I really enjoyed experimenting with different textures and fabrics, then seeing what they represent when put together. Stop-motion is so much fun to do and I love the scatty nature of it. I can’t wait to do some more, there are a few ideas in the making so watch this space!

The Magic Bus is a blog that I currate featuring daily posts of photography and artist features/interviews. I had this idea to create a virtual bus, a huge community of artistic, ocean worshipers who travel around the world on a bus sharing their creations and adventures with each other. It’s an online place where surfers, artists and global trekkers share photographs of their trav els, their friends, waves, boards and all. The bus is a daily dose of inspi ra tion and magicality, a little dip in the ocean or a stroll by the sea”.

Pics: Jared Beck, Jontron 3030, Jack Delamare.


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