A journey through Tibetan calligraphy


As we know you’re a global nomad who loves to discover real beauty treading every corner of the planet, we are convinced that you will love the journey that we have prepared today unto Tibet. There, we discovered Tashi Mannox, one of the most important calligraphers in the world whose instruction comes from the two decades that he invested being trained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk.


With an innovative and aesthetically attractive technique without straying a bit of tradition, Tashi has already exhibited his work in London, Moscow and New York, the city where he just introduced Sacred Scripts – A Meditative Journey Through Tibetan Calligraphy. This book has been conducted in collaboration with Robin Kyte-Coles, a photographer who specializes in capturing images of Buddha, and throughout the pages delights us with sacred mantras, statements and Buddhist quotations handwritten and combined with delicious images of statues of Buddha’s image.


To celebrate the launch of this revelation, Tashi has made this short motion picture that introduces us to the art of calligraphy as a way towards meditation. We hope you enjoy it and it makes you travel.

Instagram: tashimannox

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