Planet Earth viewed through a bird’s eye


June 5th  is the Earth’s Day. And to celebrate, Benjamin Grant, the founder of  Daily Overview, has chosen five spectacular images of the earth seen from above in which a breathtaking beauty shows the impact, sometimes positive and others devastating that humans have caused. Which one is your favorite?

Edson, Kansas (EE.UU.)


Aerial view of irrigated fields in Edson, Kansas, US The circles are nothing less than electric sprinklers that rotate 360 degrees powered by electric motors. “This is one of my favorite pictures because it was partly thanks to these perfect circles that caught my attention that I realized that this project was possible.”

 Hagadera,  Dadaab Refugee Camp  (Kenia)


Hagadera is the largest refugee camp in Dadaab, in northern Kenya, hosting more than 100,000 of the 400,000 Somali refugees in Dadaab settlement. “I think this is one of the most important and powerful general views I have created for the project. The image has the ability to capture the attention for their vibrant colors and fascinating patterns, but also leads to a more meaningful level that allows us to understand better what is happening in different areas of our planet. ”

Eixample, Barcelona (Spain)


This is an aerial view of the Eixample district of Barcelona, designed by Ildefons Cerda (1815-1876) and characterized by a perfect grid of apartments with inside patios. “From an architectural point of view, I love that this overview allows us to understand how urban plans of a city is responsible for giving shape and how it affects human movement and social interaction.”

Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands)


In the picture the huge container ships in Rotterdam harbor, one of the busiest in the world between 1962 and 2002, until it was surpassed by others like Singapore and Shanghai. “I love the beauty and coloration resulting from the complexity of these systems that our species has developed. There is also something magical about finding beauty in this scene because it is not a place where you would usually find beautiful landscapes. However, when we look at it this way, it’s pretty impressive. ”

Jacksonville, Florida (EE.UU.)


A turbine exchange connects two highways in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, creating a spiral pattern for circulation on the right hand. “This panoramic reinforces the idea that we can find beauty in the most unexpected places. Our infrastructure, designed for very practical reasons, can also be beautiful ”

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Cover image: Earth captured on December 24th 1968 by the astronauts of Apollo 8 NASA mission.

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