Una ciudad en la maleta | Preventi

A city in your suitcase


What do we keep in our suitcases? Beyond the clothes and objects we take for travelling, what always remain in our baggage are the travel memories. Photographer Rui Calçada Bastos has coated a suitcase with mirrors in order to do a photographic project called “The Mirror Suitcase Man”. Pictures in black and white with a surrealistic spirit catch the essence of the cities inside of it. Without a doubt, Calçada Bastos’ suitcase is the best object to take with us in our journeys. Characters that come and go in the subway, walking or taking a suitcase or, they just put in the middle of a park. The mystery of the snapshots catches and fascinates us. They teach us new landscapes and new ways of perceiving the world. And you, what city do you keep in your suitcase?

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