The floating observatory of Marc van Vliet


Delving into the sea and the vastness of nowhere, watching the passing of time and the movement of the sun. One of the most relaxing things we can imagine. Now this just came to life through the project by the Dutch artist Marc van Vliet thanks to ‘Three Streken’ project.


‘Three Streken’ is a solar observatory in the north of the Netherlands that is placed in the center of Streken Zeven (the seven illuminated points of the compass), which changes depending on the tides. Therefore, if the observer remains enough time around it, he may experience different visions of space. As the phenomenon is not easy to explain in words, perhaps this video can help you understand. Although, if you are a true Global Nomad, sure you’re already packing to travel to Holland and to be able to experience this in live.

Marcs installation is part of the projects for ’Leeuwarden 2018′ (cultural capital) and its aim now is to cross the marshlands and in the next four years create new facilities of this style connecting the sand, sun and horizon with illuminated points of the compass and tides.



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