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Global Nomads’ 4 favorite apps


Everyday hundreds of mobile applications appear in the market ready to make our day-to-day easier. Between half a million of apps, we have asked our Global Nomads to choose their favorite ones.

Álvaro González-Alorda chose “Tripcase”, an application in which “you send the location and it shows all the flights in a practical way”. A quick way to organize our trips from our mobile phones.

The writer Mark Tungate chose “Hotel Tonight”, an app that helps you to find available hotels for that same day. “No matter where you are, you can activate the app and it will tell you the nearest hotel that has a bed for that night. And you can book it straight away, through the app.”

Our photographer Peter Heck  plays with the light in every snapshot. That’s why his favorite app is “Sun Scout”. “Sun Scout is great when you check location and want to know where the sun will be in the afternoon or at a special time.”

Lastly, the artist Richard Haines needs the basics to travel and not to get lost. So, he chose “Google Maps”. “I am constantly amazed by Google Maps. I don’t know how I traveled around the world without them. In Tokyo, Antwerp, even in New York it’s indispensable.”

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