Global Nomads: Alice & Gabriella


Alice & Gabriella. Students and bloggers. The Fenwick twins, half Spanish and half English, created their blog back in 2011. It is a place where they show their vision about fashion, their illustrations and they day-to-day. Their interest in art, architecture, design and places made the blog one of the most interesting spaces in the Internet. Speaking to creators and visiting studios, they have managed to give us a new vision of the city. They study and live in Barcelona during their studies and they visit their family in England and France during their holidays. In the last Open Day in Azul Tierra, they came to discover the fall winter Preventi shoes collection. Today, we have talked to them to get a little bit more about these two gazes with a single vision.

What do you do? We are Architecture and Fashion Design students.

What is the best thing of your job? The creativity. The ability of questioning the customs, the culture and be able to embody it something new. To be able to transmit and communicate with our work.

What is it for you to be a Global Nomad? Someone passionate about life. Someone who enjoys discovering places and living unique experiences.

Where do your shoes take you? Where necessary. But they need to be comfortable to resist all the adventures.

What do you like most of travelling?  Falling in love of unexpected things. Becoming enchanted for the beauty in different cultures.

Which is your favorite model from the fall winter Preventi collection? The Carolina because the elegance of the classic masculine shoe is irresistible for a woman.

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