Stanley Kubrick, the photographer


Stanley Kubrick plays an important role in the history for being one of the most important film directors of the second half of XX century. With an exceptional filmography and master pieces like “The Shining”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Lolita” or “Barry Lyndon”, the American filmmaker has shown that no genre would resist him and that he was capable to handle any project inside out. However, one of the unknown aspects of Stanley Kubrick is being a photographer. Always armed with a camera, before going into the world of moving pictures, he began to experiment with black and white snapshots. Now, the Museum of the City of New York pays a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s pictures opening a collection of photographs to the public through a website. New York’s subway, Coney Island’s amusement park or the least-favoured areas of the Big Apple were the stage to portrait the New Yorkers after the Second World War.

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