La tecnología se vuelve retro | Preventi

Technology becomes retro


In a moment when technology seems to work in a constant evolution, nostalgia appears suddenly in our lives. We need to find new ways to show the wires and get a warmer environment beyond the white and black plastic. As part of this need, companies as BLESS has created the series No. 26, under the title of ‘Cable Jewellery‘. Stop thinking in cables as a monochromatic plastic, BLESS show us another way to enjoy technology covering the cables with wooden beads, laces or colored bracelets. In the same way, the Swedish design studio Le Cord introduced in 2013 a series of cables to charge our phones made with leather and fabric. They are defined as “Makers of Fine Textile Cables“, and also Apple has given up its designs and provides them with original chargers for this series. Will this new future that awaits us?

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