The nature scape: celebrating the nomadic life


It’s not something new but the evidence is that we are in front of a rising trend related to our hiperconnected life. The trend it’s announced in super coolhunter Li Edelkoort’s website “Trend Tablet”. “Is digital detox, simple living and primal needs enough theses days? Or do we need to anti-consume, living more with less in a sense that suffocation is a vital manifesto to change?” starts de manifesto.

The Nature Scape | Preventi

That need of nature escape has to be with mobile home projects such as Danish Vipp or Swedish Add A Room, that offer weekend retreats camouflaged with the natural environment assuring a disconnected life. Sustainable materials, reduced spaces and an absolute peace.

With the same idea has born Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules that let you live wathever you want. This egg-shaped housed has been designed by Slovakian firm Nice Architects. Sustainable and with a self-suficiency that can support you for about a year, the capsules that have been created for a sophisticated nomadic life, will start to take pre-orders at the end of 2015 and costs 2.200 euros.

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