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Memories from Paris


What have the Parisians who has no other citizen of the world? The fascination for people residing in the French capital seems alive. If the late nineteenth and early twentieth century avant-garde art was in the city of lights inspiration for its creativity, today the city has reaffirmed as the epicenter of style and good taste. Want to know more about the Parisians? We show the three projects that we have liked most about them:

How to be a Parisian Wherever You Are.. Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Sophie Mas and Caroline de Maigret tell us the French secret to becoming a Parisian. Four women from culture and fashion that have managed to lead the life they wanted in Paris. Essays that show the attitude and Parisian style wherever we are.

365 Parisiens. Russian photographer Constantin Mashinskiy has decided to portray 365 days Parisians who was in the streets. Classical black and white shots that are capable of portraying society capital.

Parisian Chic. The model and fashion designer Inès de la Fressange shows the most fashionable part of town. The woman who was the muse of Karl Lagerfeld in the 80s dares to show their best kept secrets style in this book. This style guide gives us the keys of the model to have a style and timeless charm.

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