FILMography, espacios de cine retratados por Christopher Moloney | Preventi

FILMography, film spaces portrayed by Christopher Moloney


New York is a movie in itself. Every corner of the city has become the theme of hundreds of movies. Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge or Times Square are some of the places easy to be recognized on the large screen. However, we can find a location shoot of a film in each street of the Big Apple. From this fascination between the real and fictitious space, Christopher Moloney began to portrait in 2012 the favorite movie scenes in original locations. Annie Hall, The Devil Wears Prada, Black Swan or Spiderman; any movie can’t resist the charm of New York City. Frames in black and white that fill with color the streets of the city that never sleeps. FILMography, the tumblr where Moloney began to upload his snapshots holding frames grows bit by bit and New York remains too small. With a camera in his hand, the author travels the world searching for his favorite movie spots. The last lucky ones? Roma and Naples, the Italian essence par excellence that are part of this special project.

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