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Past week, we have the opportunity to listen to Vincent Grégoire, creative director of the Parisian trend forecasting agency Nelly Rodi. He introduced himself as a “trends’ hunter”. He has been predicting trends for twenty six years, hence he is an authoritative voice to trust in. He has it clear: nomad lifestyle would definitely be on fashion. Traveller soul, curiosity and rapid changes are features that perfectly fit with this kind of lifestyle.

As an example, he introduced the “Nomad Chefs”, those international chefs who are on tour with their gastro art from a restaurant to another. They prefer to move internationally around the world rather than open their own restaurants. This lead them to try different teams and change constantly the menu. To experiment. Some of the most famous are René Redzepi, Diego Muñoz or Albert Adrià. What about you? Haven’t try the Nomad Life yet?

Restaurante Diego Muñoz

Restaurante Diego Muñoz

rené redzepi

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