The Nomadic Life


The Nomadic Life’s is the last project of the Mexican designer Gerardo Osio. It is made for those who love nomadic life. What is meant by nomadic people in XXI century? Those who enjoy travelling and those who constantly must travel for job”. Osio has worked closely to six Japanese craft workshops in order to create objects who give nomads a “sense of belonging”. Pieces have the strict minimalism who characterizes Japanese culture and are made of natural materials.

“Nowadays people travel a lot from one place to another because of work, making a nomadic lifestyle a reality for a lot of people. This kind of lifestyle creates a tendency of losing the sense of belonging to a place” explained Osio to Dezeen.

It is great the portable bag where you can keep all pieces -a candle, the range of copper tableware, a flower vase-. The aim is to improve nomadic lifestyle and help people to feel like home wherever we are.

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