Happy Birthday ‘Travel Almanac’


How time goes by. It seems like yesterday that we introduced Travel Almanac and today we woke up realizing that the biannual magazine that was born to tend to tourists like you, who are looking for another way to discover the world, Is turning five.


To celebrate its first lustrum, Paul Kominek, creator of the magazine, and his team have developed a deluxe edition where you may find the usual content that never disappoints, this time surprise us with two covers – one dedicated to Jeremy Scott and another to Richard Prince – shot by Juergen

But this is not all, Teller is also the main character of “Last Chance To Try” a limited dossier edition that will be released with the magazine, showing over 66 pages of his particular and unique look upon Polish celebrations and weddings.

To sharpen your appetite we invite you to visit the website of the publication where, in addition to finding the ten issues that have already been edited, you can immerse yourself in its pages dedicated to fantastic places that seem to be specially chosen for Global Nomads like you, who travel with the body but also with the mind, savoring every place, every nook and leaving their print at every step.



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