Global Nomads in motion: Mark Tungate


Mark Tungate visited Barcelona for business purposes, so we wanted to take the opportunity to meet and chat with him for a while. This marketing guru, author of the book “Fashion Brands: Branding Style From Armani to Zara” that is a must for any professional from the fashion industry, lent his name to one of our brogue lines included in the Preventi’s Global Nomads collection.

Curious, dynamic and cultured, Mark Tungate spends his days in Paris, a city that he loves passionately. There, it is easy to find him in a small coffee shop, with a glass of wine in hand, writing his next book, which is about the travel industry. We wished to ask him: What does it mean to be a Global Nomad? and to find out his opinions on personal style and the meaning of luxury.

Press play and discover what Mark Tungate has to say.

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