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Eva Hesse x Sol LeWitt: Converging Lines


Today we have brought you a present. Those were other times, but also other rhythms. On the occasion of Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt “Converging Lines” exhibition is celebrated until mid-May in Blanton Museum of Art in Texas. The curator has launched a Tumblr: converginglinesbma.tumblr.com along the correspondence between these two prominent artists.

Sol sends to Eva 39 postcards in total from different parts of the world: Egypt, Spain and Germany –just to mention a few– and the artist has revealed to be an authentic Global Nomad. “They are thoughtful, funny, and charming—classic Sol. And being the artist he was, he thought carefully about all of its ingredients: the image on the postcard, the message inside—even the stamp he used” explains to us the curator Veronica Roberts.

And Veronica ends with an interesting statement: “People seem to appreciate receiving handwritten letters now more than ever, in part, I’m convinced, because we are drowning in the irritating efficiency of emails, which pile up like car wrecks. Unlike emails, which insist upon a response, letters are gifts with no expectations attached—a chance to say something kind without causing someone to blush or requiring anything in return” So, because Easter is coming up, take advantage to buy some postcards and surprise anyone.

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