Preventi, on Simon Jacomet list of essentials for GQ


Simon Jacomet selected the Preventi shoes model under his name for the 10 essentials he shared in GQ magazine two months ago. The Swiss creator of Zai, a super-luxe ski company, shows his love for everything that joins beauty, functionality and excellence. Here 3 of 10:Preventi, un esencial de Simon Jacomet en GQ  | Preventi

Preventi contacted me for their Nomad project [a collection of people who have the same idea of workmanship as Preventi]. They sent me a pair of their leather shoes, and I liked them because you can feel the craftsmanship when walking in them. They make me feel different—normal shoes feel flat, but with these, you roll a bit, and it was a new experience in walking.”

Preventi, un esencial de Simon Jacomet en GQ  | Preventi

Logosol M8
“I’m building a new house for my family, so I’m often cutting boards and beams. When we were younger, we built our house in the mountains all by ourselves—we wanted to show our children that a house doesn’t just fall from the sky. For me, building is a good balance to what I do at Zai. I spend Saturdays cutting and sawing—you start early in the morning and end in the evening, and in a certain way it’s a meditation. We have our own woods, so the trees there will become part of the house. There’s something very satisfying and tangible about this.”Preventi, un esencial de Simon Jacomet en GQ  | Preventi

REX vegetable peeler
“I’ve been a vegetarian for about 10 years, so I prepare a lot of traditional Swiss dishes from this region—mostly peasant food that includes a lot of vegetables. This peeler is a masterpiece of design and adds to my pleasure in cooking. It’s not necessarily an eye-catching product, as nowadays most products are—but on the second look, maybe it is.”

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