The awsome Jean-Philippe Delhomme


El increíble Jean Phillipe Delhomme | Preventi

In the last post of The Unknown Hipster, the main character meets walking throught the Bowie exhibition at V&A Museum of London, the real Ziggy Stardust. Then both men start an hilarious conversation about Bowie, fashion and past and present. A perfect piece that shows the talent of our today’s guest: Jean-Philippe Delhomme.

El increíble Jean Phillipe Delhomme | Preventi

This painter and illustrator, working since the eighties, catches with presicion the tribulations of the modern gentleman with delicious cartoons for GQ, The New Yorker, Vogue Paris or Vogue Japan. A perfect lesson of contemporary anthropology about the aesthetic and existential problems of modern hipsters.

El increíble Jean Phillipe Delhomme | Preventi

Jean-Philippe Delhomme is well known in the States for his contribution in the monthly column “The Style Guy” of Glenn O’Brien in the american edition of GQ. Both of them work together in the O’Brien last book “How to be a Man. A Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman“. An essential guide with all the keys to be a gentleman in the XXI century.

El increíble Jean Phillipe Delhomme | Preventi

Today Delhomme is preparing the launch of his forthcoming book, New York Travel Book, that will be published by Louis Vuitton in Spring 2013. Meanwhile we wait for it, we recommend you the artist tumblr,  The Delhomme Diary, a pleasure for your eyes and brain.

Portrait of Jean-Philippe Delhomme by Garance Doré.

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